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CSRC Virtual Conference 2020

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Patient Chapter

Patient Chapter

The CSRC Patient Chapter, sanctioned by the CSRC Board of Directors, was created to link therapists and patients in an effort to support those with respiratory illness

Mission Statement
The CSRC Patient Chapter is for people with respiratory illness to empower others through sharing and education, enriching their quality of life.

Patient Chapter Representatives

Chantelle Shoaee
Patient Chapter Co-Chair


Message from the Patient Chapter
Welcome to the Patient Chapter of the Colorado Society for Respiratory Care (CSRC). The Patient Chapter is dedicated to support, educate, and share with respiratory patients and caregivers throughout Colorado.

The Patient Chapter is currently located in the Denver Metro area and there is no charge for membership. The basic idea is for Patients wanting to get involved and physically able to do so, help educate and share with new patients or existing patients on things such as: questions regarding oxygen; traveling with oxygen; various forms of oxygen delivery; sharing their history with other patients, respiratory instructors, students, and practitioners as to better understand how better to serve patients in the future.

The CSRC Patient Chapter is working on the introduction of a Speakers Bureau where a select group of patients will speak to Re-Hab Center Patients, Re-Hab Patient Support Groups, Respiratory Student Groups, Church Groups, Retirement Centers, Chamber of Commerce contacts, and just one-on-one patient contacts. Patients currently share ideas and stories in the CSRC quarterly newsletter (the Peak Flow) along with various articles found on this website.

One of the main goals of the Patient Chapter is to provide the most current up to date information on current events, legislative issues pertaining to patients, upcoming conference opportunities, and community sharing.

The new frontier in patient care is moving toward patients taking a larger role in understanding their disease, sharing their understanding with not only their family but their medical professional and the patient community around them.

For member information at this time please contact Damian Solorzano President CSRC

Let Your Voice Be Heard:
The CSRC and AARC interact with local, state, and federal governments on public policies that affect our patients and the profession of respiratory care. You can let your voice be heard on current issues. Use the following links to help you write your legislator about these issues:

Click here to read about current legislative issues and find your officials

Click here to electronically send a letter to your legislator

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